Process improvement for behavioral health

Collaborate with Referrers to Streamline the Process


The transition process is complicated and referrers don’t participate in simplifying the process.


Collaborate with referrers to streamline the process.

Featured Stories

The Partnership for Advancing Recovery in Kentucky (PARK) increased the percentage of clients who completed the transition from detox to outpatient care from 30 percent to 56 percent by forming a collaboration between state, hospital, outpatient and long term care agencies. They worked together to decrease dropouts in the continuum of care and build inter-agency relationships.

Lessons Learned

  • Create a preferred partnership agreement to facilitate transitions
  • Working together on the continuum of care builds relationships
  • Tracking clients post-discharge improves retention in treatment

Tracking Measures

Cycle Measure

Percentage of referred clients who were admitted

Data Collection Forms


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