Process improvement for behavioral health

What is NIATx?


The NIATx model is based on over 20 years of research at the University of Wisconsin.  And we’re still learning…we’re always working to improve the model.

Easy Tools

Easy process improvement tools keep NIATx accessible.  Anyone can do it.

Powerful Results

Treatment organizations participating in NIATx projects make dramatic improvements in treatment access and retention.

Improve access and retention

NIATx began in 2003 with the question: Could the strategies used to improve processes in manufacturing and other industries be used to improve services in substance use disorder treatment settings?

The answer was a resounding “Yes!”

Evidence-based Results

Treatment organizations participating in the original NIATx projects made dramatic improvements in treatment admissions and continuation while reducing no-shows and waiting time.

Rapid-cycle Change

The premise of gradual improvement over time guides the NIATx model. Improvement isn’t usually accomplished by one big change; it’s a series of smaller changes, tested and implemented one at a time, that add up to a big impact.


The original NIATx projects concentrated on basic customer services areas that were affecting access to and retention in treatment. That focus on the customer continues to make a difference in the way NIATx helps organizations in diverse fields improve their services today.