Process improvement for behavioral health

Developing and Improving Processes

Consider your agency’s existing processes for screening, assessment, and determining level of care.

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Requirements for documenting buprenorphine therapy vary from state to state. You must obtain and review appropriate licensing regulations to assure that you are complying with all the requirements in your region.

Patients have to abstain from opioids for at least 12 to 48 hours before they can receive their first dose of buprenorphine.

Buprenorphine has street value for people who are opioid dependent and have limited or no access to publicly-funded medication-assisted treatment services.

Addiction carries with it a troubling amount of stigma. Admitting to a problem, seeking help, and staying with a program of self-management and recovery all are enormous obstacles to overcome.

Some states offer agencies medication subsidy contracts to reduce the cost of medications for patients who meet eligibility requirements.